How It Works

New User/Login Page

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After users log in they are brought to their homepage

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Users can access their recent transactions, control preferences, set alerts, and link accounts on the Card Details screen by pressing on the credit card from the Homepage.

card details page image

The Control Preferences option allows cardholders to disable/enable transactions by Location, Merchant Type, Transaction Types, and Spend Limits.

control preference page image

The Locations option allows users to restrict their card based on their current location, specific regions, and block international transactions.

location controls page image

The Merchant Types option allows cardholders to restrict their card by merchants (i.e. department stores, entertainment, gas station, grocery, etc)

merchant controls page image

The Transaction Types option allows cardholder to restrict their card by types of transactions (i.e. Store, Internet, ATM, etc)

transaction controls page image

The Spend Limits option allows cardholder to restrict their card for purchase over a specified dollar amount.

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The Alert Preferences option allows cardholder to set up an alert when a specific transaction is attempted.

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The Transactions option will show up to 50 transactions within the previous 30 days.

transaction page image

By clicking their account on the homepage, users can view their available balance.

account details page image