Enroll today to receive paperless eStatements to save time and paper and help the environment.



  • Your statement will be available sooner — generally the first business day after month-end.
  • Decrease the threat of identity thieves who can go "dumpster diving" for your account information.
  • Cut down on paper clutter — Retrieve the last 12 months of statements and save them in Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • View or print your statements any time.
  • They're safe, secure and FREE!

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If you are currently using our online banking service simply log in to Online Banking and place your mouse over the additional services menu. Select eStatements. Then, select "I prefer eStatements."



Know exactly what is going on with your account in real time.

Sign up today for our many FREE eNotice alerts and you'll never be caught off guard. When you sign up for the following alerts, you can receive an email to your computer and/or text message straight to your mobile device as soon as activity occurs on your account.

You will be advised of events such as:

  • Monthly eStatements Availability
  • Certificates Maturing
  • Checks Cleared
  • Deposit Account Balance
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Loan Account Balance
  • Debit Card Transactions/ATM Withdrawals
  • Bill Payments
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Payroll/ACH credits
  • Automatic Debit
  • Online Transaction Counter


For E-Statements, sign on to Online Banking then click on the E-Statement menu item, under E-Services on the Online Banking main menu. If you see a button labelled, "I prefer E-Statements," agree with the terms, and enter your email address to stop receiving paper statements and start receiving email notice that your statements are ready.

For E-Notices, sign on to Online Banking then click on E-Notices menu item, under E-Services on the Online Banking main menu. Then, click through the disclosures for E-Notice alerts. Then, set the alerts you wish to receive.

E-Statements are the electronic statements you can view within Online Banking by clicking on the E-Statements menu item within the Online Banking main menu. E-Notices is the system by which you can set up and receive e-mail alerts.

Your electronic statements will always be available within Online Banking by clicking the E-Statements menu item within Online Banking. You do NOT have to sign up for E-Notices to view your Statements unless you would like to stop receiving paper statements and receive an e-mail alert each month when your monthly Statement is available for viewing.

E-Statements are free to all Teachers members.

Yes, your statement cycle will continue to run from the first of the month through the end of the month and quarterly. Members choosing E-Statements eliminate the regular waiting period associated with postal delivery, in addition to saving on paper costs and paper waste.

No. Your choice of statement delivery (paper or E-Statement) that is recorded on our system on the statement cycle date is the only method used to deliver that month's statement.

Yes, you can set up a secondary notification e-mail address, which can be added to the Monthly E-Statement alert (or any other alert) e-mail list. To add an Alternate e-mail Address, click on Alert Addresses within the E-Notice system, and click on Add New. Add your alternate e-mail address and name in the fields as prompted and click OK. To add the Alternate e-mail Address to an alert, click on the e-mail link under the Delivery column in the Alert List in E-Notice. Then, check off e-mail Address 2, and choose your alternate e-mail from the dropdown list by name. Then, click OK.

There are a number of possibilities. Most e-mail servers are equipped with Spam blockers or Spam or Bulk folders. Your alert may have been sent to one of these folders if the phishing@teachersfcu.org is not recognized by your e-mail account. It may be possible that the address in Teachers E-Notice system was entered incorrectly. If your e-mail notification was returned to us as undeliverable, your current statement will still be available online.

Within the e-mail you receive will be links to any inserts that were included in your mailed statement.

You can print by going to File > Print, or by simply clicking the Print button in the browser. You can also right-click on the statement itself and choose Print.

Archived statements can be viewed for up to twelve (12) months. To receive copies of older statements, please contact us.

You can switch back to the paper version of your statement at any time by clicking the "I prefer paper statements" button within the E-Statements section of Online Banking.