What is a PIN-based transaction?

A PIN-based debit transaction is when you use your personal identification number (PIN) using a PIN pad to complete the transaction. Processing a debit card using a PIN causes the transaction to be routed through a debit network (NYCE) instead of through Visa, MasterCard or Discover's interchange.

Money is withdrawn from the members linked (checking) account, in most cases on the same day.


What is a signature-based transaction?

A signature-based debit transaction is when you use a debit card and your PIN is not used to complete the transaction. You may be asked for your zip code, physical signature, or nothing.

Processing a debit card in this manner causes the transaction to be routed through Visa, MasterCard or Discover's interchange instead of through a PIN debit network. Money is withdrawn from the members linked (checking) account sometimes days after the transaction.

For example, when you use your debit card to purchase gas, you usually don’t sign, but you don’t enter your PIN, either. That means it was processed as a signature-based transaction.

What about at the check-out line? Most check-outs default to the PIN-based screen. However, all you have to say to the clerk is, “I’d like to run it as credit.” You will be provided instructions, usually to hit “cancel,” the red button, etc. Then, you will select “credit” and continue the check-out process. Normally, you will be asked to sign the receipt. Some transactions, often those below $25.00, don't always require a signature.


How long before I receive my new card in the mail?

Cards are mailed from our card processor and take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days.


I need a card sooner. How can I do that?

Debit cards can be created and activated at all branches during business hours. The newly created cards can be used for PIN transactions immediately and signature transactions between 24 to 48 hours.


What can I do to protect my accounts from future card fraud?

Protect your PIN: Always use your hand to shield your PIN as you enter it.

Review your account activity and statements. Report fraud immediately.

Check for card skimmers on ATMs and fuel pumps. Jiggle the Card Reader: If the card reader moves around when you try to jiggle it with your hand, something probably isn’t right. A real card reader is a secure part of the machine and should not move when handled or jiggled. 

Update your contact information with us. We can't ask you about a suspicious charge unless it has your current phone number.

Sign up for e-alerts. These will inform you when particular changes occur, such as irregular card activity.