Get Direct Deposit via ACH and your payroll goes straight into your account electronically. It's convenient, reliable, and easy to set up. It's deposited into your account automatically and is available to you on the day of deposit.


No more special trips to the branch to deposit your check- a nice feature if you are busy, ill, away from home, or located far from a branch. No more waiting for checks to clear.


You no longer need to wait for your check to arrive in the mail. Your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time.

Easy to Setup

Let your employer know you're interested in signing up for direct deposit. Your employer should have forms available for you to initiate this process. This authorizes the electronic deposit of funds into your account for your pay or other recurring deposits. You may be asked to provide a voided check or copy of a document from Teachers that verifies your account number and our routing number.

Teachers' Direct Deposit Authorization Form provides the member with all the necessary information to submit to their employer to either initiate or update an account number or dollar amount for direct deposit. List your account number in the appropriate place, print, and submit to your employer.

* Teachers Checking is free; if incurred, fees such as Stop Payment or NSF fee will apply. Share Savings account of $1 required.