You'll never miss an electronic payment or transfer again.

Let Teachers do your ACH Origination! This service offers fixed-amount electronic transfers recurring on the same date each month. ACH transactions are not considered a wire transfer. There is no fee for processing ACH Originations.

What is ACH Origination?

ACH Origination is an electronic payment delivery system that allows Teachers to originate and send both debits and credits to participating financial institutions in the U.S.

Transfer funds with any option below:

  • Weekly
  • Semimonthly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

ACH Origination ensures funds are transferred on the date that you designate. For variable amounts and dates, please use our online Bill Payer service.

Set Up ACH Origination

It's easy to sign up for ACH Origination! Use the form below to set up the following transactions:

Withdraw funds from your Teachers share draft, savings account or money market account to another financial institution.

Deposit funds to your Teachers savings, money market or share draft account from a different financial institution. You can even apply funds to your consumer loans or make mortgage payments.*

Debit and Credit ACH Form

ACH Recurring Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form

After clicking on the link above you will be directed to our secured site where you can sign in to complete an ACH Origination Application and digitally sign the form. Once completed, the form will be electronically sent to the Credit Union for processing.  Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Teachers Federal Credit Union is utilizing DocuSign software to allow our members to have the ability to electronically sign documents. This fast and secure process is an added member convenience and subject to review before document is accepted and processed. After proper security measures have been followed you will receive notification via email that your transaction will be processed.

*Payroll deposits, retirement deposits and Social Security need to be initiated by your Payroll Department, Retirement System, or the Social Security Administration.

When transferring to or from your share draft or money market account, be sure to use the account number found in the MICR line of your share draft.
(ie: 12610001234567) 

If transferring to or from your savings account only use your savings account number.             
(ie: 1234561010)