Everyone Can Bank with Teachers! Everyone Can Bank with Teachers!

Educated Choice Discounts

If you have a combined minimum average aggregate balance of $2,500 or more in your Teachers deposit account(s), you can take advantage of a package of benefits designed to save you money.

Educated Discount LoansGet discounts on loans:

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Benefits Gold Level Platinum Level
Combined Minimum Deposit Balance $2,500 $5,000
Consumer Loan Rate Discount** .25 .50
VISA Credit Card Rate Discount .24 .48
Mortgage Closing Cost Discount $100 $200
Share Draft Orders (Basic Design)
Platinum Level Only
At Cost Free (shipping & handling not included)
Charge For Off-Site ATM Transactions* Free Free
Non-TFCU ATM Surcharge Fee Rebate N/A Up to
$5 per month
Overdraft Transfer Fee $8 Free
Funds Available on Check Deposits Standard Hold Up to $1,000
VISA Gift Card Purchase 10 per calendar year 10 per calendar year
Travelers Checks Free Free
Money Orders Free Free
Official Checks Free Free
Account Transcripts at Branch Free Free
Domestic Wire Transfer 3 Free per Year 6 Free per Year
Copy of Paid Draft 3 Free per Year 6 Free per Year
Below Minimum Average Balance Monthly Fee $8 $10

Discount applies to all Visa cards; does not apply to existing consumer loans.

* Fee may be charged by Non-Teachers ATM owners
** Select Consumer Loan programs