Teachers Mortgage Pre-Approval 

All borrowers must be members of Teachers... not a member?

Teachers offers a mortgage pre-approval to members who are considering purchasing a new home but do not have a property in mind yet. Pre-approvals are based on the income information provided along with the borrowers' credit report.


How to Get Mortgage Pre-Approval

  • Complete FNMA 1003 application, and drop off at the nearest branch



  • Call our Information Center at 631-698-7000 ext. 6790 and complete an over the phone application

Please note

  • If you submit a pre-approval application online and you are approved, you may print your pre-approval letter immediately.
  • A pre-approval letter is valid for 60 days from the date of the application.
  • Do not submit a pre-approval application if you already have a specific property in mind.

Membership required, $1.00 minimum regular savings account is required at or prior to account opening.

Primary Residence and Second Home products are available, subject to specific terms in the following states: NY, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, MA, MD, NC, NJ, OR, PA, SC, TN, WA. Investment properties in the aforementioned states available only as a first mortgage.