Teachers Federal Credit Union Debit Card


Ideal for everyday purchases, our new Teachers debit card supports contactless transactions.


The Benefits of Contactless Cards

1. Speed speed icon
It is estimated that the average contactless payment can be completed twice as fast as traditional cards. With less processing and handling of cash occurring, transactions can be completed at a faster rate.

2. Security security icon
Contactless cards feature built-in fraud protection that ensures the same
transaction doesn’t occur twice, even if a user mistakenly taps more than once at the
checkout. Additionally, if a card is fraudulently intercepted, the details and numbers
linked to the card cannot be decrypted as a unique code is used for transactions that don't correlate to card numbers.

3. Connectivity phone with connection icon
By connecting your card to your smartphone and other accessories like a smartwatch, you can make a payment without ever removing your card from your wallet!


Sound good? Well then, let’s get started.

How-To Video

Our how-to video will walk you through the simple steps of activating your new card and show you how to make purchases with it.

The Teachers contactless debit card is accepted anywhere you see the contactless symbol.


To Activate Your New Card

1. Call 1-800-992-3808

2. Follow the steps

3. Set your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

4. Destroy your existing card and notify necessary merchants of your new card number

5. Enroll your new card number in digital wallet 


To Use Your New Card

1. Look oval with wifi lines
Find the contactless symbol at checkout

2. Tap button with wifi illustration icon
Hover your card closely to the symbol on the merchant terminal- no contact needed

3. Go circle with a check mark icon
Your payment is processed


Note: If a merchant or ATM does not show the contactless symbol, you can still insert/swipe your card to complete the transaction. You may be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or signature. 

Once your new card is activated, notify merchants that bill automatically or store your account information with your new card number. Destroy your existing card after activating the new card. Your existing card will no longer be valid. Never give your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone. Report a lost or stolen card by calling 1-800-472-3272

If you have any questions or need some assistance with your new card, please contact us. Our team is always here for you.  

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