Member Benefits

  • Forever Car

    Mechanical Repair Coverage

    Enjoy the freedom of comprehensive mechanical repair coverage without the long-term contract. Take advantage of this exclusive member benefit.
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  • Love My Credit Union Rewards

    Love My Credit Union Rewards

    TFCU members can take advantage of the great rewards program through Love My Credit Union Rewards. Get $100 cash reward for every new line activated with Sprint® on unlimited lines.
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  • Benefits Plus Premium

    Benefits Plus® Premium

    Benefits Plus® Premium is an exciting new addition to the Benefits Plus program our members can take advantage of. This new tier introduces new great features including Cellular Care, 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, Internet Monitoring and Credit Score Tracking.
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  • Business Services Newtek

    Newtek Business Services

    TFCU has partnered with Newtek Business Services to make sure you have access to all the tools you need to see your business become as successful as you dream. Payroll, Payment Processing, Website Development and Insurance are all available to you as a TFCU member.
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  • Card Valet


    Keep your TFCU Visa Credit and Debit cards secure right from your fingertips. You can set up alerts, choose when, where and how your cards are used, and lock them if they’re ever misplaced.
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Featured Rates

Unsecured Personal Loan10.45%
Teachers Advantage LOC7.00%
Visa "No Frills" Card9.36%
Visa Classic12.36%
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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are subject to change without notice.

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