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Who We Are

67 years ago we were founded by a group of Long Island educators. Today, we have grown to more than 340,000 members across the nation, with an open membership to include people from all walks of life. We are financial partners, teachers and champions of our members’ futures. We remain committed to providing the best financial products education and member service to everyone and anyone.

A Fresh New Look And Feel

When our credit union was founded in 1952, you had to be a teacher to bank here. But today we’re one of the few credit unions in the country with an open charter for nationwide membership. It was time for our name, look and feel to better reflect our journey and where we stand today. With the new branding, logo and tagline, we want people to know that you don’t need to be a teacher to experience the exceptional value of Teachers.

Our Name

The "Teachers" brand name means so much to our organization. It is reflective of where we came from, but more importantly, the name “Teachers” is representative of who we want to be moving forward – your financial partners and champions. Our goal is to provide smarter financial solutions that will help you reach your financial goals.

Our Logo

The new logo is inspired by the great people of the New York area who are always moving forward. Elements of education, transportation, and future progress can be seen in the logo mark that reflects a financial institution dedicated to helping members get from where they are, to where they want to go.

Smart for All

Teachers has always been dedicated to providing the best member service and the lowest rates and fees. "Smart For All" is our pledge to be a leader in providing the best financial products, member service and financial education to everyone and anyone. That means even more resources to help you, your family and your business reach all your financial goals. It’s our rallying cry that what started as a smart solution for teachers, is now smart for all.

What You Can Count On

First and foremost, the things members love most about Teachers aren’t going anywhere. The products, people and services members count on are here to stay and will only get better. Member needs are at the center of our vision, and we are actively looking for ways to invest in our infrastructure, processes and people to provide a world-class member experience, at a place where you still feel at home.