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Effective Date: July 30, 2021

Credit Union Mortgage Rates

We offer 90% financing up to $1M with PMI and 80% financing from $1M - $3M. Loans are NOT locked in at application. A completed application is required prior to locking in.

Rate Lock-ins cannot be accepted by fax.
Rate Lock-ins are only available Monday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm. Your lock-in rate may be different from the rate posted here.

Fixed Rate Mortgage** Rate APR* Payment/ $1,000
10 Year (up to 97% financing) Rate2.125% APR*2.25% Payment/ $1000$9.26 Apply
15 Year (up to 97% financing) Rate2.125% APR*2.21% Payment/ $1000$6.49 Apply
20 Year (up to 97% financing) Rate2.625% APR*2.69% Payment/ $1000$5.36 Apply
30 Year (up to 97% financing) Rate2.75% APR*2.80% Payment/ $1000$4.08 Apply
Adjustable** Rate APR* Payment/ $1,000
5/6 Adjustable Rate2.25% APR*2.87% Payment/ $1000$3.82 Apply
7/6 Adjustable Rate2.375% APR*2.83% Payment/ $1000$3.89 Apply
10/6 Adjustable Rate2.50% APR*2.80% Payment/ $1000$3.95 Apply
Jumbo Mortgage Rate APR* Payment/ $1,000
15 Year Fixed** Rate2.50% APR*2.53% Payment/ $1000$6.67 Apply
20 Year Fixed** Rate2.75% APR*2.77% Payment/ $1000$5.42 Apply
30 Year Fixed** Rate2.875% APR*2.89% Payment/ $1000$4.15 Apply
5/6 Year Adjustable Rate2.50% APR*2.92% Payment/ $1000$3.95 Apply
7/6 Year Adjustable Rate2.625% APR*2.91% Payment/ $1000$4.02 Apply
10/6 Year Adjustable Rate2.75% APR*2.91% Payment/ $1000$4.08 Apply
High Balance*** Rate APR* Payment/$1000
15 Year Fixed Rate2.375% APR*2.40% Payment/ $1000$6.61 Apply
20 Year Fixed Rate2.875% APR*2.89% Payment/ $1000$5.48 Apply
30 Year Fixed Rate2.875% APR*2.89% Payment/ $1000$4.15 Apply
5/6 ARM Adjustable Rate2.25% APR*2.84% Payment/ $1000$3.82 Apply
7/6 ARM Adjustable Rate2.375% APR*2.80% Payment/ $1000$3.89 Apply
10/6 ARM Adjustable Rate2.50% APR*2.77% Payment/ $1000$3.95 Apply
Home Ready Mortgage** Rate APR* Payment/ $1,000
30 Year Fixed Rate3.00% APR*3.05% Payment/ $1000$4.22 Apply
No Closing Cost Mortgage Rate APR* Payment/ $1,000
20 Year Fixed Rate3.125% APR*3.19% Payment/ $1000$5.61 Apply
30 Year Fixed Rate3.25% APR*3.29% Payment/ $1000$4.35 Apply
5/6 Adjustable Rate2.75% APR*3.04% Payment/ $1000$4.08 Apply
7/6 Adjustable Rate2.875% APR*3.05% Payment/ $1000$4.15 Apply
10/6 Adjustable Rate3.00% APR*3.09% Payment/ $1000$4.22 Apply