At least twice during the year we all have a need for some extra cash - holiday and vacation time! You can make deposits when you have extra cash on hand or set your account up for automatic deposits from your paycheck each payday.


Holiday Club

Ease the expense of holiday spending with a Teachers Holiday Club account. Holiday Club accounts traditionally begin and end in October. However, you can begin a Holiday Club at any time of the year. On or about October 15th, the accumulated funds in your Holiday Club will be transferred to either your savings or checking account.

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Vacation Club

A Teachers Vacation Club works exactly the same as our Holiday Club. The only difference is that a Vacation Club begins and ends in June. On or about June 4th, Vacation Club accounts pay out to members' accounts, allowing them to withdraw the funds as needed.

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Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction make saving even easier. Just have a few dollars deducted from your paycheck each payday and watch your Holiday and/or Vacation fund grow, week after week.


Generous Dividends

Dividends are calculated on a day-of-deposit to day-of-withdrawal basis, and paid to the account quarterly.