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EMV Card Issuance Fraud Scheme

April 23, 2018

The United States Secret Service is warning financial institutions of a fraud scheme they are seeing involving issuance of EMV cards. 

Steps involved in fraud scheme:

  1. Criminals intercept mail sent from a financial institution to members that contain payment cards.
  2. Criminals remove the EMV CHIP from the debit payment card using a heat source that warms the glue.
  3. Criminals replace the EMV CHIP with an old or invalid EMV CHIP and repackage the payment card for delivery to the intended recipient.
  4. Criminals place the stolen EMV CHIP into an old payment card.
  5. The member receives the debit payment card without realizing the EMV CHIP has been replaced.
  6. The member activates the debit payment card; however, their payment card is inoperable.
  7. Criminals utilize the payment card with the stolen EMV CHIP for their personal gain once the member activates the card.

If you suspect a member may be part of this fraud scheme please submit a fraud ticket

Signs of a cards with an old or invalid EMV CHIP:

  1. Heat damage around the EMV CHIP – notice the presence of burn marks.
  2. Heat damage on the card – the plastic has bubbled from the heat.
  3. Small hole in the plastic used to pry the EMV CHIP off the card.


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