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Scammers Being Social

August 18, 2017

Scammers have increasingly been using social media to try to steal your money - TFCU believes in the power of educating our members in order to fight fraud.

In a series of increasingly viral social media posts and videos, scammers are telling people that they can use specific bank routing numbers and their Social Security Numbers (SSN) to make bill payments or purchases online. To entice social media users into handing over their sensitive information, scammers are saying that the U.S. Government is holding funds in secret accounts belonging to them, and that they can access these accounts by using a particular routing number in conjunction with their own SSNs.

They're lying. There are no funds, and they're working to steal your identity.

In general, it's best practice to NEVER post or direct/private message your sensitive financial information on social media. Think of it this way - posting is the equivalent of yelling your private information on a crowded LIRR train. Scammers and fraudsters are becoming increasingly creative in finding ways to coerce you into letting your guard down. Don't be fooled!

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